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The cultural drink of tea Vietnamese has existed for a thousand years and became a familiar lifestyle during Vietnamese. When everyone gathers together talking and tea is the best drink that brings people together. 

What kind of organic tea?

Organic tea is the type of tea that has been cultured according to Agriculture organic. This process non of use chemical substances such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. The farmers using natural wastes such as compost to color the soil and using natural methods to control pests and weeds.

Organic agriculture makes soil fertile and rich in protein, preserving minerals in the soil to protect water quality as well as the natural environment. The most important point is that this agricultural process is to balance the natural ecosystem.

Table of the benefits of organic tea for health

Chemical composition in organic inVietnam:

Oganics tea in Viet Nam
Sugar group :glucoza, fructoza,.. Provides nutritional value and aroma when processed at high temperatures.
Essential oils group:methyl salicylate, citronellol, .. create a unique aroma of each tea, influenced by climate, soil type, and processing.
Pigment group:chlorophyll, carotene, and xanthophyll, which make the juice of tea can range from light green to dark green or yellow to reddish brown and dark brown.
Group of organic acids:including 8-9 different types, with effects on food value enhancement and flavor enhancers.
Group of inorganic substances:potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, fluorine, magnesium, calcium, ..
Vitamins group:C, B1, B2, PP, …: mostly soluble in water, so tea is said to be valuable as a tonic.
Glucose group:contributes to tea aroma and can make tea water taste bitter, acrid, and pink-red.
The acrid group (tannin):accounts for 15% -30% in tea, after processing it becomes acrid …
The resin groups: The role is to create the scent and keep odors from escaping quickly (this substance is very important in making tea leave into tea cake).
Colloid group (pectin):helps to preserve tea for a long time because it is difficult to absorb moisture.
Ancal group:cafein, theobromin, theophylin, adenin, guanin,..
Protein and amino acids group: create nutritional value and aroma for tea.
Group of enzymes:are important biological catalysts in the transformation of a living organism.
The effect of organic green tea is shown through its chemical composition:Kill bacteria.Resistance to radioactive substances.Help the body awake, stimulate labor, bring joy.Promote digestion and excretion.Helps with respiratory and cardiovascular health.Prevention of toothache.Lower cholesterol and cholesterol in the blood.Neuroprotection in Parkinson’s disease …

The effect of organic green tea is still preserved in tea grounds:

Dry the paper bag hanging in the toilet to deodorize. Keep in the refrigerator to remove the unpleasant odors of many foods.

Put in a saucepan and pan for ≈ 15 ‘to remove the fishy smell

Rub tea grounds on the mirror, glass is stained, then wipe with a cold towel, the mirror, the glass will shine

Burning dry tea grounds will repel cockroaches and ants

Pouring the tea grounds into the pot will retain moisture

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Oganics tea in Viet Nam

The cultural drink of tea Vietnamese has existed for a thousand years and
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